It’s Today or Never…!

It’s an interesting fact that almost 90% of our waking hours are spent in dreams about past or plans for future. We seldom notice our mind that swings like a pendulum between the past and future, all the while when we unknowingly indulge in our daily routine in auto-mode.

We are in search for happiness in both the dream worlds, intending to re-live the good moments from the past and live a happier future in advance.The irony is that we end up becoming more miserable today !!

 Let’s take a look at how our mind usually works during this uncontrolled daydreaming of past and future – 

Unpleasant memories from the past undoubtedly cause misery. Pleasant memories, though it may momentarily appear to give you a good feeling, will definitely switch into disappointment about the lost moment or craving to experience the same event again. The craving again cause feverishness and dullness, as the moment that you cherish from the past can never occur in the present logically, because that’s what made you replay the whole thing in your mind in the first place !! Or you keep expecting it to happen in future, making it a strong desire.

Plans about future play in the mind like a movie being directed this moment, with no possibility of seeing ‘The End’ !! It makes us anxious and restless to find out what’s in store for us tomorrow !

All these happen in our mind simultaneously as we live today, and finally we miss the ‘Present Moment’. We don’t indulge 100% in anything today. We miss the beauty of the morning sun, overlooks the smile and cuddle of our young ones, forgets to enjoy the food that we eat…. With the intrusion of gadgets, we totally live in another world and don’t you think it’s not surprising to see ‘attention deficit syndrome’ for next generation ?!

It’s today that we live life to the fullest. Happiness is not yesterday or tomorrow… You can choose to be happy and content this moment because it’s Today or Never…!!


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