Break the pattern…

Throughout our life, we have been hearing our elders advise us to form a routine. Cries of despair and expressions like “this place is a mess!”, “there is no discipline in this house..”, “you ought to be more responsible..” are very common, isn’t it ?

I know how it feels when you have so many ideas bombarding in your brain on how you can become ‘the decent’ person and revolutionize the concept of perfection, to be the well defined character at home and neighborhood. At the same time, you honestly don’t know how to explain the inertia that has engulfed your existence, consciously forcing you to keep moving on in life in the same contractual pattern every single day.. 

Believe me when I say this.. All you need to do is to break the pattern at ANY point. Do something different, anything crazy..if you are regularly the last person at home to brush your teeth every morning, tomorrow, give your mom the scare of her life by greeting her in the living room at dawn ! If you regularly eat from home, take a break ! Have pani puri or lassi on your way back home. Surprise your boss by giving a compliment, I am sure the look on their face will make you smile..take a walk along the beach, swim, sing out aloud, play pranks, go for a long drive with friends, dance to your favourite beat, watch Tom n Jerry ! Anything..I say anything out of the norm will break your pattern. 

It might sound absurd, but trust me, one tiny ripple can start the sequence for change. It will give you that essentially needed shift of perspective, to see life in a broader sense. The veil will get thinner and light will shine forth from within..for you are the centre of everything that revolves around in your life…


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