An Intro…

As the very first post, I would like to share with you the spark that has inspired me to finally break the ice and start writing again..

For past few years, I religiously maintained the status quo of being a witness in social network sites. My views and comments on various topics remained as short electric pulses lasting micro seconds as I swiped along the news feeds, except for consistent shares about positivity, happiness and peace on my wall. 

Last week, I decided to break the pattern! Yes, I randomly picked a post by ‘Kenny Rogers’. I am following his official FB page since I saw some beautiful scenery and positive quotes. So, I chose one of his posts and commented my supporting view point with a slight touch of wisdom. After posting the comment, maybe a minute passed, and I saw a notification of a reply to my comment. I eagerly opened to see it and Bingo ! Here’s a person from west, aged around 60’s who has asked a question…. ” From which planet are you..??” !!! 

I was like…”Wow !!” Maybe something in the comment has touched this person so deep, that made him respond so.. It was the spark I needed to write more..and here I am… 

Friends, if you like my posts, and if you feel something in my words have touched you, please share…


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